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Because of the high quality, expert technology, and durability, the Louis Vuitton bags are well-known by people. To determine whether the bag is true, you can look for the authentic Louis Vuitton logo anywhere on the bag. Louis Vuitton Outlet The Louis Vuitton mark logo has a forward facing "C" and a backward facing "C" which overlap. The logo should be located somewhere on each Louis Vuitton bag, and a unique serial number can only be found on the man's purse.Louis Vuitton Outlet Online Store What is more, Louis Vuitton Bags Outlet an authenticity card should match the serial number. Due to the process of packages, most "Louis Vuitton" packages that are not real have threaded stretching out, mismatched hardware or an incorrect version of the Louis Vuitton logo.

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The classical Louis Vuitton flap bag is made with black, beige or white lambs leather. And it has a quilted design imprinted into the leather. The chain is made from the gold hardware and is weaved up the two straps of the bag to increase durability. Louis Vuitton Outlet Online The bag is wide in 25cm, high in 15.5 cm, Louis Vuitton Outlet Store and thick in 6.5 cm.

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The authenticity Louis Vuitton stamps are located on the inside of the bag's flap.Louis Vuitton Outlet Online Store The classic Louis Vuitton shoulder flap bag is made with gold hardware metal and lambskin - leather. It is not manufactured any longer, but there are three different colors: black, beige and white. Louis Vuitton Bags Outlet There are two straps attached to the leather bag.